Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Christian's Role

It's been awhile since I've visited this blog and looking at the statistics on this blog, it's been awhile since anyone has visited this blog.  However since my husband and I are both currently in the middle of reading some of Frank Viola's books -- Pagan Christianity and Reimagining Church -- the subject of house church is on our minds and hearts.  Because of this I'd like to share some of my own thoughts either directly or indirectly related to house-churching.  Since I host another blog for my women's ministry and first posted my thoughts there, my post below will continue onto the Kajiji Girls website.  So for those who haven't read the original post, I present it here:

"A topic that keeps tumbling around in my brain and popping up in conversation recently has been Service.  Everyone who truly follows Christ feels led to serve in some way.  Whether you serve in your community, your church or your home, service opportunities are always before you.  What’s interesting for me though is how we label service.  For instance, because my family attends a house church, it’s much harder to see service opportunities, at least, on the face of things.  There are no sign-up sheets asking for teachers, nursery workers, musicians, etc.  There are no special collections taken for the poor, the unemployed, the widow or the regular offering to contribute toward all the expenses associated with running a charitable organization or church building.  I’m sure many people who have tried house church eventually leave feeling like there’s nothing for them to do or nowhere to give of themselves or their money, and God has placed some kind of cause or service on their heart so they must go somewhere to fulfill that role.  The point is God has placed service on every one of his follower’s hearts, and we are commanded to fill that role.

House church eliminates titles. And coming from a traditional church background, this can actually be very hard to deal with when you don’t know any other way.  When you know your role, you know your place..."

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